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Lean 4.0

Lean manufacturing is not a new concept–early versions of the method can be dated back to the beginning of the 20th century, when large-scale assembly line manufacturing was beginning to take root. As companies were beginning to think beyond local and regional distribution, as they were competing with both domestic and foreign competitors for market share, the need for efficiency, consistency, and speed gave birth to the scientific study of how things are produced using automation technologies.

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Lean Management Solutions

Lean organizations depend of developing the problem solving capabilities of the entire workforce allocating specific categories of problems to each layer of the organization.

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Industrial Automation & Control Solutions

Industrial automation is more than just robotics—it’s a comprehensive system upgrade that gives your equipment the ability to handle tasks by themselves.

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Robotics Solutions

The technology of robotics is concerned with the design of the mechanical manipulator and the computer systems used to control it. It is also concerned with the industrial applications of robots.

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Factory Analytics

Manufacturing analytics is a new class of software that brings predictive analytics, big data, industrial internet of things, and mobile-first design to manufacturing companies.

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We Expert in

Factory Monitoring

  • 24/7 Factory Monitoring
  • Smart Manufacturing Enabled
  • Instant Report
  • Cloud Monitoring (Private / Public)

Lean Floor

  • Enabling Transparency b/w cells
  • Automated Floor
  • Data driven Factories
  • Gap Analysis
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Reduced Lead Time


  • Open PLC
  • IPC Based Solutions
  • Controls Optimization
  • Multidisciplinary Networking
  • Intelligent Manufacturing with IOT

Robots Industrial

  • Robot Development Solutions
  • AGV’S Solutions
  • Mobile Robots



  • SMS
  • SMTP
  • Android App


  • Plan, Organize, Lead via Visual Charts
  • Remote access of data via Android App
  • CRM tool for better supply chain


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